Tadelakt And Micro Cement Bathrooms

Tadelakt is becoming increasingly popular around the world. Experts who watch home trends believe that Tadelakt will become the latest development for bathroom design and probably living rooms as well. It’s no surprise due to the many properties Tadelakt holds. For example, it is a natural and ecological product that produces a luxurious and decorative wall finish. Moreover, its waterproof seamless and rather mildly marbled appearance makes it ideal for bathrooms.

Tadelakt is formed from lime distinct to the Marrakech constituency of Morocco. The word Tadelakt means “to stroke.” This caressing of the material is what results in its interesting finish. However, it is not an exact, standardized finish. Hued with natural pigmentations it is possible to coordinate and interchange any color combination.


Tadelakt produces a finish with plenty of depth, a mild glimmer, and a natural color variant depending on how the material is applied and refined. The plaster can be finished in countless ways such as a multicolored or distressed finish. Stone, mildly pitted, stenciled, and bedecked with sgraffito techniques, or entirely harmonized are possible as well. A consistent trait of Tadelakt is its ability to retain a silk like feel regardless of the technique used.



Tadelakt is the ideal alternative to tiles in bathrooms. Its seamless appearance results in a surface minus grout lines. It is also ideal for spas, wet rooms, shower cubicles, pools, and steam rooms. It can also be formed into baths and sinks, and applied to floors.

Tadelakt is porous to air but non-porous to water, therefore walls are able to breathe. The final step in sealing the surface includes an olive oil based soap that responds to the lime plaster by fashioning a waterproof surface. For additional luster, a sheet of wax can be applied.

Conventional application includes polishing with river-stone and treatment with oleic-acid in the shape of olive oil soap to create its fine finish and water repelling properties. Tadelakt’s luxurious, soft, smooth, properties is what makes it so sophisticated looking. It adds that sensual touch to a bathroom that other materials cannot duplicate.

The velvety feeling of Tadelakt makes you want to touch it each time you come into contact with it. At the same time, it builds up a resistance that matures via a robust process of carbonation to deliver a durable surface of limestone. Tadelakt is certainly a unique material that is beautiful to look at and feel. It adds that luxurious, tranquil ambiance to bathrooms that so many homeowners relish.


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